Sylc is supplied in 185g bottles, product order code (SYLC 1000). Each bottle holds enough powder to treat 20-40 patients.


Sylc powder is suitable for use with:

• Acteon Air n Go

• NSK Prophymate Neo

• Kavo Prophyflex

• EMS Airflow Handy 2+ (but only with Sylc Ceramic Tip (SYLC-1003)

• And most air abrasion units

The Benefits of Sylc are:

1. Cleaner, healthier teeth with a brighter smile

2. Restores the natural lustre and appearance of healthy teeth

Image Courtesy of dr. kirk young

Image Courtesy of dr. kirk young

3. Provides quick desensitization upon application

4. Fast stain removal from foods, coffee, tea, wine and tobacco


5. Non-invasive painless procedure


Video Demonstrations