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Article by Zanin I.C.J. et al Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2005. 56. 324-330. Demonstrates that the both LED and HeNe laser light were effective at activating Toluidine Blue photosensitiser to kill S mutans in biofilms

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Paper by Burns T. et al Journal of Medical Microbiology 1993: 401-405. Shows that a range of oral bacteria are susceptible to the effect of light and photosensitiser combined. 

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Article by Williams J. et al Caries Research. 2003. 37: 190-193. Shows increasing delivered energy density used in PAD™ reduces bacterial load.

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Paper by Bevilacqua I.M. et al Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. 2007. 25: 513-518. Demonstrates the effect of LED light and Toluidine Blue O on S mutans viability and shows substantial log reduction in bacterial load.

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Second paper by Burns T. et al Journal of Dentistry. 1994. 22: 273-278. Demonstrates high level bacterial kills need combination of light and photosensitiser matched.

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Paper by Giroldo L.M. et al Lasers in Medical Science 2008. 18: 45-52. Demonstrates that the PAD™ process is effective against C albicans

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Paper by Zanin I.C.J. et al European Journal of Oral Sciences. 2006. 114: 64-69. Shows that bacterial load reduction in biofi lms grown on enamel could be achieved with LED light sources and Toluidine Blue O